Friday 24th February, 2017

On magnificent Monday, we did some magic maths, interesting IPEELL and terrific topic!

On troublesome Tuesday, we wrote about our first and second week at Allerton high and we did some more IPEELL and marvellous maths.

On wonderful Wednesday, we did a biography about Ernest Shackleton, but we wrote it in a handwriting pen and every time we made a mistake we would have to start again. Toby started about 3 times and Cian on the other hand started once and Alex started 5 times and some people had to start again about 6 times.WOW!Thatโ€™s a lot of people!

Unfortunately,on Thursday,PE was cancelled due to Miss Wright being poorly. So,Mrs Elfallali covered us. In RE,we learnt about the 100 names of Allah(God).In French,we learnt the fruits and vegetables.

On Friday,our early bird was to write a story including 6 things (some were hilarious. And, the Reading Buddies had their first proper session.

Our learners of the week are, Cian and Taiya. Cian because he improved in his behaviour and Taiya because she always is helping people.

From the bloggers

(Look out for next weeks blog, we will be videoing a rap!)

ACE Football Manager

Just a reminder to the Year 5 football managers that the chairman is awaiting your scouting notes.

Football Manager Picture

Please head to the ACE Football Manager Blog to post your comments (School Website, Blogs, Other Blogs, ACE Football Manager).

Thank you to Stefan who has already successfully scouted striker Ellis Harris from Bristol Rovers, in League 1.

Blog Disaster!

The bloggers had a slightly upsetting afternoon!

After slaving after our blog, it unexpectedly disappeared ๐Ÿ™ the whole thing was gone, they were very upset. And so was I, because now you have to settle for my simple, less exciting, version of the blog.

Happy half term, How time flies! We have had yet another brilliant week. I was absent on Monday and the children we taught by Mrs Johnston. She was also with me on Tuesday morning and was so impressed by the children’s progress in their reading and writing. The behaviour has also improved this week with the children enjoying some golden time this afternoon.

In IPEELL we have been writing our biographies, we have had an focus on cumulative re-reading to make sure we are proof reading our work every 2 sentences to prevent silly errors. The writing is fantastic and after half term we will be writing a final draft and we will all be using pens which is very exciting for the children!

In maths we have continued with long multiplication as we have got a bit stuck with it. I am going to stress how important it is that the children learn their multiplication tables as these are the foundations which will unlock their learning in this area.

As it is maths week, we have had a maths carousel on Tuesday. We combined with 5SK, 6RK and 6MJ and split into our houses. The children went to each teacher for a “magic maths” workshop in each. It was great fun! Continuing with our magic maths theme we had a magician visit us on Thursday where we were shown a few magical tricks.

It has also been Internet Safety week and we talked about being an “upstander” rather than a “bystander.” We learnt about the dangers of the internet and what we would do if we heard about a dangerous or inappropriate incident. We created posters for this.

Allerton High also welcomed us back for more Science on Wednesday. We tested for Hydrogen in the “squeeky pop” experiment. A special well done to Ayush who acted as an extra lab technician for Mr Allcock.

Homework is page 23 in Grammar and to learn those times tables! An extra task for the children to research animals in the Arctic and Antarctica and create a fact file to share in the first week back.

Have a great half term,

Miss Murphy ๐Ÿ™‚